Sixth Form Student Case Study

I feel that the Sixth Form has set me up extremely well for my future.


Sixth Form Student Case Study

Every lesson is something I look forward to.


Sixth Form Student Case Study

KES allows you to give it everything you’ve got.


Sixth Form Student Case Study

My advice is to open as many doors as possible, experiment to give yourself options; most importantly enjoy yourself.


Sixth Form Student Case Study


Sixth Form Student Case Study

The Sixth Form at KES has many great extra co-curricular activities that allow you to meet new people.

Graham Noble

KES 98-03

My time at Stroud taught me the importance of manners, social skills and the confidence to adapt.

Alice McNicholas

KES 10-17

KES helped me to achieve my professional dream

Joe Weatherley

KES 08-15

I have been playing professional cricket for Hampshire since I left King Edward’s.


KES 15-22

Be passionate. There is a wide range of students that attend KES all with different interests and skills

Alice Penfold

Teacher of Geography & KES 94-01

KES is an ever-changing school, meeting the needs of each generation of students

Darren Cooper

KES 92-94

KES taught me skills that I have carried through into my work and personal life today