Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh programme is hugely valued at King Edward's, and plays a big part in the co-curricular programme.

We actively encourage pupils to engage with the scheme, to stretch and challenge themselves in ways that help them develop personal qualities that will service them so well in adult life.

School clubs and societies help participants achieve their Volunteering, Physical and Skills section and we have a well-stocked, and free to loan equipment store, to support students. This means that with your own boots and clothing, we can equip you with the best quality outdoor gear, so that you are ready to get out there and achieve.

We have a full time Duke of Edinburgh Manager to facilitate students' progress, and the school's Rural Study Centre at Lovaton is often a support base for Silver expeditions on Dartmoor. Our Gold expeditions will venture further afield to the mountains and hills of Wales and the Lake District, all staffed in-house by our qualified and dedicated staff. 

There are three levels of the Award Programme:

Bronze Award 

Anyone interested can start the Award Programme on their fourteenth birthday. The Bronze Award not only involves a two day, 30km expedition, but also three other sections: skill, physical and volunteering.

Silver Award 

When students are fifteen, they can enrol on the Silver Award. This can be started without having completed the Bronze Award, although it may take longer to complete. The Silver Award involves a three day expedition covering 50km of more difficult terrain and the three additional sections.

Gold Award

The Gold Award can only be started if the Silver Award has been completed and you are 16 or over. It is the most challenging Award and involves an 80km expedition, over four days.

All the Awards involve an expedition, a written project and the three additional sections. The Gold Award also involves a Residential Project.