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Curriculum Support

King Edward’s takes the welfare and academic progress of all its students very seriously, and we aim to recognise pupils who need support so that they can derive maximum benefits from the curriculum.

This includes the many students with a specific learning difficulty or disability. Our aim is to care for and support all such students so they not only flourish socially and emotionally, but also achieve their full potential academically.

Click through the subsections below to learn more about the areas of curriculum support on offer to students. 

The Team and The Wellbeing Centre

The curriculum support team consists of highly trained and experienced staff, based in the Wellbeing Centre.

The design of the The Wellbeing Centre has been well thought out, with students’ individual needs in mind. The environment is calming, with natural wood finishes, curved walls and cream and pastel shades. With large built in storage and minimal furniture, the space is uncluttered and filled with natural subtle lighting.

There are private rooms available for students to access throughout the school day, providing a safe and quiet place to sit, read, work, or receive 1-2-1 support from one of our curriculum support teachers. There are snacks and refreshments, and students can easily cross over to the wellbeing room to grab Lego, puzzles or drawing for those eager to explore to touch and focus on something creative.


All pupils in Year 7 take a test in spelling and a MIDYIS test. If a pupil scores slightly lower in these tests the Curriculum Support department will further investigate to see if there may be any underlying need and an intervention is needed.

This means they may be selected to receive literacy support from a small team of tutors. This is usually given on a one-to-one basis once a week for 25 minutes.

Depending on needs, pupils receive help with reading, spelling, handwriting, social skills, maths and study skills.

Curriculum Support are also available to offer emotional support to pupils from any year group.

Study Skills

Study skills assistance is available to students who have received some measure of extra help in the past, or who have had a formal assessment for a learning difficulty. The programme cover topics such as note-taking, organisation, time-management, motivation, examination techniques and stress management.

SEND Support

At King Edward’s we have experience assisting pupils in a range of additional needs, including learning difficulties; dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, SEMH and ADHD.  All pupils that are identified as having a special educational need receive a pupil passport to outline to staff the provision that is required in order for that pupil to make expected progress. This document is a fluid and working document that is reviewed annually with the pupil and their parents.