Sport at Sixth Form

Taking part and competing in sporting activities is a big part of life at King Edward’s, and we believe it’s important to follow a path of commitment, preparation and hard work

There is a wide variety of sports on offer in the Sixth Form. Beyond the two weekly timetabled Games lessons Sixth Formers participate in (which include: fitness, climbing, pilates, golf and archery), students have the opportunity to represent the School in sport. Competitive fixtures usually take place on Saturdays at Wellington, or at the competitor school’s location. Students involved in competitive fixtures are expected to attend after school training sessions, and will practise the sport during Games lessons.


Competitive Sport

The major competitive sports are rugby, hockey and cricket for boys, and hockey, netball and cricket for girls. Each of these sports also enter national cup competitions and have had good success in recent years. There is also a boys’ football team, that competes in the local Sixth Form College league, with fixtures taking place in the timetabled Games lessons. There are also opportunities to compete in other sports, including badminton, tennis and basketball.

Elite Sports Performers Programme

There are over 50 students at King Edward VI Sixth Form who are competing in their chosen Sport at a regional level or higher. The Elite Sports Performer Programme aims to provide these students with an additional support system, to assist them in achieving their potential in their sporting field whilst also fulfilling their academic goals.

Students who are invited on to the programme will receive mentoring support that works alongside the whole school pastoral system as well as access to the fitness facilities, tailor-made training programmes (if required) and an invitation to a series of talks from visiting speakers that cover a wide range of topic areas that are relevant to sports performance at a high level. Students will also have the chance to present to younger students in the school about their sporting achievements.

The Elite Sports Performer Programme supports our Elite Sports Performers in achieving both their sporting and academic potential.

Fitness, Strength and Conditioning

Every student at King Edwards has the opportunity to develop physically through the use of the School's Fitness Suite.

All students are inducted on how to use age-appropriate movements and equipment in the facility, providing them with the opportunity to attend the fitness suite during lunchtime and after school. 

Our students are educated on how to create their own training programmes as well as having access to specialist 1:1 advice from our Head of Strength and Conditioning.

We run weekly fitness classes in the Fitness Suite and Dance Studio to challenge students and ensure they can reach their physical ambitions.