Head's Recommendation

Since 2012, King Edward VI School and Stroud School have been proud partners. To celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, as Hampshire’s leading 3-18 independent day school, we are pleased to share that our already well-established links will, from next academic year, be further enhanced.

We are delighted to announce that Stroud pupils arriving in Year 7 at KES from September 2024 will be able to earn their place by virtue of their ongoing academic attainment, rather than through the traditional entrance exam route. This ‘Head’s Recommendation’ route will uniquely allow pupils from our preparatory school – Stroud – to obtain a guaranteed place at KES, should they have demonstrated the appropriate academic potential to thrive and succeed at our senior school.

 “Stroud School is the KES preparatory school, and Stroud pupils represent our biggest intake into Year 7 each September. In recent years we have sought to build on our close relationship, benefitting both our primary and secondary pupils and teachers through mutual collaboration and sharing of best practice. We know that the teaching and learning at Stroud is exceptional, and that we can rely on the expertise of the Stroud academic staff to give a Head’s Recommendation to those pupils who will benefit from the learning environment offered by KES. We are looking forward to welcoming our first cohort of Head’s Recommendation entrants in September 2024, after the process is introduced over the next academic year. This is but one more step towards building a truly exceptional 3-18 offering for families across our region."
Mr. Neal Parker, Head