Pastoral Care at King Edward's

King Edward’s is committed to providing pastoral care of the highest quality to all of its pupils.

The School takes a whole school approach to focusing on each individual emotionally and physically, and installs an ethos among pupils of supporting one another. Each child at King Edward's is closely monitored through the role of tutors, teaching staff and non-teaching staff. 

Each student has a range of resources, communities and people to go to for support. Details of these can be found below. 


The role of the tutor is absolutely vital in the process of pastoral care. Each pupil has a personal tutor who guides their development on a day-to-day basis, forming a close bond as a result. 

Pupils who join the school in Year 7 are allocated a form, which serves as both their tutor group and their teaching group for Year 7. After Year 7, pupils move into a new tutor group and they remain in this tutor group for two years. Tutor groups at this stage consist of two year groups, which we believe increases the value for everyone and helps to bridge the barriers that might otherwise separate year groups. 

At the start of Year 10 and at the start of the Lower Sixth, pupils will again move into a new tutor group. The tutor responsible for the supervision, guidance and care of the pupils in their tutor group, meeting them every morning at 8.40 am. 

Tutors keep academic records of attendance and academic progress for each pupil in their group are also aware of individual circumstances and needs. Concerns about day-to-day administration, work, co-curricular activities or other related matters are addresses to the tutor in the first instance. 

Tutor Groups

A typical Year 7 tutor group has approximately 22 pupils. In the Lower School the numbers are similar but comprise of a mixture of Year 8 and Year 9 pupils. A similar arrangement exists in the Upper School where each group has a balance of Year 10 and Year 11 pupils. In the Sixth Form each tutor group has approximately twelve students, with a mixture of both years groups. All pupils in Year 8 to Year 11 inclusive, as well as being a member of a tutor group, belong to a form for their academic studies. 

Head of Year

There are Heads of Year for each of the year groups at the school, as well as an Head of Lower School and Head of Upper School. There is also a Director of Sixth Form, who oversees the Sixth Form Heads of Year. 

All pastoral heads, the Assistant Head (Pastoral) and the Senior Deputy Head are available for consultation when needed. 


The House System is an important part of life at King Edward's. Upon entry, each pupil is assigned a House and will remain with it for the duration of their time at the School. Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress and two Heads of House, one male and one female Sixth Form pupil, appointed annually by the Head.

There are six houses, named after people closely associated with the history of the School.

  • Capon House is named after the Rector of St Mary's and founder of King Edward's, William Capon.
  • Lake House is named after an Old Edwardian, favourite of Queen Elizabeth I and one-time resident of the Tower of London, Thomas Lake. 
  • Lawrence House is named after Old Edwardian and the personal physician of Dr Johnson, Thomas Lawrence. 
  • Reynolds House is named after Old Edwardian, Chaplain to King Charles I and Bishop of Norwich, Edward Reynolds. 
  • Sylvester House is named after Old Edwardian and poet of questionable merit, but considerable business acumen, Joshua Sylvester.
  • Watts House is named after Old Edwardian, pastor and author of hymns, including the School's own 'O God, our help in ages past', Isaac Watts. 

The six Houses compete annually for the Allen Grant Trophy, which is awarded to the House that has scored the most points during the year in a series of academic, sporting and cultural competitions.

School Counsellor

At any time pupils may need emotional support, beyond the pastoral care on offer at the School, they can speak the our school counsellor, Mrs Davison.

Based onsite, Monday - Friday throughout the term, Mrs Davison has had specialist training and offers a confidential service to pupils who wish to consult someone other than their tutor, or another member of staff. Mrs Davison's room can be accessed from The Wellbeing Centre, central to our school. 

Pupils can arrange this directly, or after referral by a member of staff. 

School Nurses

We have a fully-staffed and stocked Medical Room on site at King Edward's, which is open Monday to Friday, 8.15 am - 5.30 pm. 

Staffed with a team of qualified nurses, students can drop it at anytime for medical needs, help, advice or support. The nurses have a responsibility for first aid and ensuring that the medical and health needs of each pupil is supported at the school. They are available to talk to pupils in confidence about anything worrying them. 

Parents will be required to fill out medical forms for their child, upon entry to the School, to notify the nursing team of any medical needs or allergies. These records will be maintained on a day-to-day basis and kept confidential. 

Nurses also attend key Sport Fixtures on Saturdays. 


School Chaplain

We have a School Chaplain for both King Edward VI and Stroud Schools. Whilst ordained in the Church of England, the chaplain is a resource available for people of all or no particular faith background.