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Elite Sports Performers Programme

There are over 50 students currently on the Elite Sports Performer Programme, alongside competing in their chosen sport at a regional level or higher. 

The Elite Sports Performer Programme was established in September 2015 with the aim of providing these students with an additional support system to assist them in achieving their potential in their sporting field whilst also fulfilling their academic potential.

Students who are invited onto the programme will receive mentoring support that works alongside the whole school pastoral system as well as access to the fitness facilities, tailor-made training programmes (if required) and an invitation to a series of talks from visiting speakers, who cover a wide range of topics relevant to high sports performance. 

Our Elite Performers are fortunate to receive expert Strength and Conditioning (S&C) advice in the form of a series of workshops and personalised 1:1 sessions. Mr Royall teaches the students to move effectively in S&C sessions and provides the athletes with personalised training programme.

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The Elite Sports Performer Programme has been established to support our Elite Sports Performers in achieving both their sporting and academic potential. It will do this by:

  • Assisting our the Elite Sports Performers in managing their time between training, competing, resting and studying
  • Liaising with their coaches / NGB’s regarding their periodisation “hotspots”
  • Communicating with their subject teachers at KES and make them aware of their commitments to their sport throughout the week / weekend
  • Assisting in their short term and long term goal setting
  • Assist students to avoid injury by offering Strength and Conditioning workshops
  • Supporting the Elite Sports Performers throughout their potential rehabilitation processes
  • Helping guide our Elite Sports Performers back to an elite level should they be released from this standard
  • Increasing awareness of sporting issues through a series of talks and visits