We never stand still at King Edward’s, and have an exciting calendar of trips for our students.

Each curriculum subject offers students the chance to consolidate learning outside of the classroom with academic visits, events, day and residential trips. Students might visit the National Portrait Gallery with Art, the theatre with Dance or Drama, Florence with Italian, Washington USA with History and Politics, plus many more.

Outside of subject based trips, there are other opportunities for students to enrich learning, such as:

  • Ski and Snowboarding Trip
  • Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions
  • Water Sports
  • Sports Tours
  • Exchange programme with Charlotte County USA (Third Years)


"The trip was a fascinating experience, where we got to discover the stories of true computer science legends. We learnt about how they engineered enormous genius machines, and found ways to work around complications of old technology. We also found out about the future of AI and how we can make a difference ourselves".

- Year 10 student, National Museum of Computing 2024



“It was my first school trip, so I loved every second of it. And German chips are delicious!”

- Year 8 student, Cologne Trip 2023

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the exchange. I made some lifelong friendships and increased my confidence through meeting new people".

- Year 9 student, Charlotte Exchange 2023


In my opinion, this trip was very fun and a great opportunity to discover the places of France.

- Year 8 student, Normandy Trip 2023


"I enjoyed going to the Cathedral, listening to the organ and climbing to the top of the tower".

- Year 8 student, Cologne Trip 2023