Leadership Opportunities


Throughout Sixth Form, students have the chance to build and practise leadership skills. There are formal and informal roles of responsibility for students to get involved with.

Leadership positions such as Head and Deputy Heads of School, Senior Prefects (known as ‘Prepositors’), Lower School Prefects, Wellbeing Prepositors, and Heads of Houses are open to all by application. Different roles have different responsibilities attached, and all students are encouraged to put themselves forward for those roles where they think they can build skills, add value and have some fun.


Some Prepositors will be attached to specific year groups in the school, working closely with staff to support and mentor young students as well as helping organise events such as parents’ evenings. Other Prepositors take a leadership position in a whole school area, such as Charities, Partnerships, Sustainability, or Creative Arts.


Lower School Prefects join in and lead group base activities for younger students and may accompany them on team building trips.

Heads of Houses 

Heads of House take responsibility for galvanising the House, picking teams and encouraging participating in the best spirit.

Leadership Responsibility 

All Sixth Formers in positions of responsibility get to work closely with teaching staff; including regular meetings with senior staff to provide a student voice in the school’s decision-making process.

Sixth Formers also take the lead in a host of activities, from heading up academic societies to helping run and organise school events. Training days take place for those with formal leadership positions, and all students benefit from developing a range of soft skills during their time in Sixth Form.

The Selection Process 

An important part of the selection process for leadership roles is to what degree students take up opportunities to help the school community in their Lower Sixth year. For example, Lower Sixth students are invited to train as peer supporters and offer up their time to younger students in the Wellbeing Centre. Lower Sixth students can also patrol as part of the Sixth Form Duty Team, checking on the younger students and showing a friendly face. Additionally, there are activities like the Charities Commission and Diversity Society that help promote worthy causes and offer opportunities to deliver assemblies.