Sustainable development means meeting the needs of all people now - including protecting the natural habitats that are essential to our survival - without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

The King Edward's community is committed to sustainable development and believes it is important to prepare our young people for the future. Our approach is based on the belief that we need to learn to be change makers and feel that it is important to take responsibility for our own improvement. It is important to not only raise awareness but to take action. 

Our aim is to give students the knowledge and tools to make their own judgements on how sustainable development should be reflected in their ethos, day-to-day activities and choices and through education for sustainable development at King Edward's. 

Sustainability at King Edwards is growing rapidly and more students are engaging with a new way of thinking. We encourage participation from as many students as possible, meeting every Tuesday at 1.00 pm. Any questions and advice from sustainability specialists is welcome. 

Sustainability Action Group

Our group has been active in informing and raising awareness of key issues regarding the planet. From fashion to electric vehicles, food waste and the creative arts, the students involved have been instrumental in educating and engaging the school community in thinking about their own impact. All students are welcome and we have seen a spread of young people from all year groups.


During the school year of 2021-2022, the Sustainability Action Group held a Slow Fashion Sale, with pre-loved clothes flying off the rails for bargain prices. The money raised went to the charity ‘No Sweat’ to help fight the battle against sweatshop conditions for workers and the environment.

We invited the Peter Cooper group in with a selection of electric vehicles, as well as some of our own in the first ever KES Electric Car Show.

Students researched the food waste problem and highlighted the problem in a series of assemblies to the different sections of the school. Food waste was collected up after a lunch service and photographed to highlight the current problem with wasting school lunches. Students from all year groups were invited to consider their own choices and actions and help to make a difference.

Jess Dugdale, an OE, came in to display products and information about alternative sustainable period products as part of out period sustainability and period poverty week.

During the Arts Festival, students were invited to create a giant Art Attack out of recyclables on the field.