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Admissions FAQs

Our admissions team have answered some of the most common questions they get asked by parents.

We understand that applying for a school place is often a completely new experience for parents, and you’re bound to have many questions! We encourage you to read through the frequently-asked questions below, and welcome you to call or email our Registrar, Mrs Sheppard, should you want to chat about anything further.

What does the entrance exam consist of?

Our entrance exam tests each candidate in two key areas: English and Mathematics. Full information about the exam, can be found here

What preparation is required for the admissions exams?

No special preparation is expected or required for the tests. For 11+ and 13+ entry, questions are based on the National Curriculum.

Are past papers available?

Past papers are not published for tests at any level.

How much are the fees at King Edward's?

Information regarding the fees can be found on this page

How much are the lunches?

As of Autumn 2023, the cost of lunch is £5.70 per day. For that price, students have a choice of salads, soups, sandwiches, hot dinners, vegetables and desserts. We cater for all dietary requirements. 

What is included within the school fee?

The school fees are all-inclusive, with a 5% reduction available for brothers and sisters who are not receiving bursary awards.

All day trips, sports, sport fixtures, societies and clubs are included within the fee. The only exception is Sailing Club, which requires a £50 yearly membership fee.

Optional extras are available, including: school buses, lunches, instrumental 1-2-1 tuition and residential trips.

What clubs and societies do you offer?

At KES clubs and societies form a key part of school life. We usually have around 50 clubs running each term, providing students with plenty of opportunities to gain skills, make friends and try something new. A full list of available clubs can be found here.

Is there a Saturday school?

There is no Saturday teaching at King Edward VI School. However, there is almost always sport practice or sport fixtures for students to take part in.

Do I still have to apply to a state school?

You do not have to apply to a state school, and King Edward’s operates completely independently from the state school admissions system.  However, we always advise parents to have a backup option in place.  If you wish to apply to other schools (state or private) you will need to arrange this separately.

Can we defer a place?

Deferring a place is not possible.  Should you choose not to accept your child’s place for the offered school year, and subsequently apply for a different year, your child will need to sit the admissions examination for the correct year group.

Do you offer scholarships? How do you apply for these?

We are extremely proud to offer an array of scholarships at King Edward VI School. Full details on our scholarship programme and the scholarships offered can be found here.

All applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarships, which are awarded based on the entrance exam. For creative arts scholarships and sports awards, parents can find the relevant forms to complete in the admissions pack.

Do you accept international applications?

We are always delighted to welcome applications from students who are currently studying overseas, either in British/international schools or in local schools.  Please be aware that we are a day school with no boarding facility and as such we do not arrange or sponsor visas for children; families will need to arrange their own visas and ensure that they comply with all UK entry requirements.  For more information please contact the Registrar, Mrs Sheppard, at registrar@kes.hants.sch.uk