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Academic Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available to entrants at age 11+ and 13+, valued at up to 5% of the fee per annum.

These will be awarded upon the results of the Admissions Examination. The scholarships are awarded at 11+ and 13+ and are tenable for one year. There is no need to apply for an academic scholarship as all applicants are automatically eligible.

Creative Arts Scholarships

Creative Arts scholarships are available at 11+ in Music, Art and Drama and at 13+ in Music only. These are valued at up to 5% of the fee per annum and are tenable for three years (one year for the 13+ Music Scholarship). Candidates may apply for one Creative Arts scholarship only. The successful candidates would be expected, during the tenure of their award, to make an important and continuing contribution to the Creative Arts at the School.

Dates for the scholarship assessments can be found here

Being an academic scholar at King Edward’s

Beyond the potential fee discount, students will be enrolled onto the Scholars’ Programme.

The Scholars’ programme aims for students who exhibit scholarly characteristics, namely consistent academic excellence; strong academic potential, intellectual curiosity and scholarly flair, i.e. an ‘edge’ or enthusiasm for learning that will mark them out as different to their peers. Scholarship is about more than hard work and attainment, with interest and aptitude at least as important in the mix of desirable qualities. The Scholarship programme is designed to support the enthusiasms and the high ability of the pupils involved, to challenge them to look beyond the syllabus, to forge links between their subjects and to consider how their school studies link into the wider world.

KES scholars are expected to be role models and leaders of the academic community at school, and the role requires a degree of responsibility in terms of attending events and completing some assignments in order to help them to do this.

In addition to all an ever-evolving calendar of events, scholars are encouraged to take advantage of the rich array of subject-specific extension and enrichment opportunities available at KES, from co-curricular study trips and relevant Clubs and Societies, through to outside speakers’ talks, essay competitions, student-run presentations and the like. All KES students are encouraged in their learning to ask reaching questions, to look beyond the immediate answer and to engage with extension activities within their lessons. There is much available at KES to ensure that even the most active and agile minds are stimulated and pushed.

Music Scholarships

The role of a King Edward VI Music Scholar is a very special one indeed.  The Scholars Society meet twice a term to hear from professional musicians, discuss musical issues or debate. Candidate at 11+ should have achieved grade 5 standard on their first instrument (grade 6 for 13+).

For audition, candidates will be asked to play one prepared piece: alternatively, where two instruments are offered, one piece may be played on the candidate’s first instrument, and another on the second. Candidates will be asked to play a piece of sight-reading on their first instrument and complete some short aural tests.  There will also be a brief interview.  Auditions usually take place in the Spring Term.

KES Music Scholars Programme

A KES Music Scholar can expect a programme which extends our most able students’ musical experience.  It is a recognition and profile for those students because Music Scholars enhance the musical community at KES.  They are beacons, demonstrating what is achievable through Music. 

Each year there are six talks or demonstrations specifically for Scholars – looking at things such as:

Exam Technique and Preparation
Holistic Musical Contexts
Application of advanced musical features
Visiting speakers
KES Music Scholars will be invited on trips which may include concerts, recitals, opera, ballet and services at prestigious national venues.  Ensembles of national and international importance will be prioritised.

KES Music Scholars have a member of Music Department staff appointed as their Music Tutor to oversee their activity and act as a sounding board for advice and encouragement.

Ultimately, we want to allow our most able students to flourish in an activity important to them and to inform and inspire students to take music at A-level and beyond.  At KES we want to stretch Music Scholars beyond the limitations of classroom music; to contribute to the school’s development in attracting suitable candidates who will avail themselves of the best that KES has to offer; as well as supporting cross-curricular initiatives through the Creative Arts faculty.

The Director of Music is always happy to hear from prospective Music Scholars – and pre-audition informal meetings are welcomed.  Please get in touch via the main school office.

Drama Scholarships

The candidates on the shortlist will be invited to attend individual auditions and interviews and a group workshop. We will send you two audition pieces in early January from which your child should select one to learn and perform. Alternatively your child can perform a monologue of their own choosing of 1-3 minutes long. Auditions will take place in front of the Head of Drama, another member of the Drama Department and the other auditionees. In addition, each child will have a short, informal chat about their performance experience and their interest in Drama. The final session will be a whole group workshop in which the children may be asked to work on various games, improvisations and sketches together.

Art Scholarships

Candidates should prepare a portfolio of their own work. Candidates must display both a flair for, and an interest in, the subject. From the portfolios we receive, a shortlist of candidates will be drawn up and invited to attend a workshop.

The morning will consist of an interview with a member of the department where candidates will have the opportunity to discuss their work and interest in Art. There will be two set tasks where candidates can demonstrate their talents in observational drawing, imagination and three-dimensional skills.