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Outdoor Learning

Inspiring a love of the outdoors, the Outdoor Learning Programme at King Edward’s encourages students to develop their skill set and wellbeing through outdoor activities and engagement. Key developmental and social skills such as teamwork, resilience, growth mindset, confidence, problem solving, creative thinking and independence are embedded in a positive Outdoor Learning experience.

We have an Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator at King Edward’s passionate about promoting Outdoor Learning. The new dedicated programme (from September 2023) will grow and develop for the benefit of students looking to build their skills through qualification and outdoor pursuits. It focuses on inclusivity in Year 7 with dedicated trips for all pupils. Respect for sustainability practices and wildlife welfare is also encouraged with the aim to build curriculum links, learning outside the classroom (LotC).


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Photo - Mr S. Caie, Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator at KES and Wildlife Ranger at Stroud


We have an extensive Year 7 Outdoor Learning Programme as well as additional outdoor learning opportunities for students across the School: 

Outdoor Learning (May 2024)


Student Feedback 

This programme is dedicated to benefit our students, providing them with the key developmental and social skills, to help them throughout their time at KES as well as after. Feedback from our students has been hugely positive as we begin to roll out this programme:

"We managed to step out of our comfort zone, went beyond our limit, discovered and developed our hidden talents and skills. I was amazed by our achievements, and I will definitely recommend the trip to everyone." Year 10 student, Watersports 2022 Trip

“I really liked walking with friends and have learnt to use a compass. I have also learnt what to take in a bag when camping. As a result, I loved the trip and I would do it again.” - Year 8 student, Year 8 Camp 2023

“I learnt I can push myself to go further than I thought I could". - Year 8 student, Year 8 Camp 2023 

"I loved the rock climbing and abseiling activities on this trip" - Year 7 student, Tile Barn Trip , September 2023

"Pupils really enjoyed the experience as they got to work with people, they would not usually team up with, so you got to know others in the group far quicker. It also challenged them to face fears and overcome challenges with the support of their peers, via cheers, communication, and support" - Tutor Feedback, Year 7 Tile Barn Trip, September 2023


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Photo: KES Year 7 Camp at Wellington Sports Ground, 2023