Graham Noble

KES 98-03

Graham Noble (KES 94-01) is just one of our KES alumni who started their educational journey at our prep school at Stroud, continuing it right through until he completed his A Levels in the Sixth Form at King Edward's. Today his links to both schools remain as strong as ever with both his sons enroled at Stroud.

"Stroud was the most amazing school to be at as a youngster; with the facilities, learning and extra-curricular activities all being equally superb. Stroud gave me a fantastic start to my academic learning, teaching me the importance of dedication, commitment, and friendship. I am thankful for the many friends I made at the school, whom I still see today. Stroud introduced me to every sport possible, this being my passion and main driving force. Mr Whitman and Mr Dodds were both inspirational in my early sporting development". 

After completing Year 8 at a Stroud, Graham passed the entrance exam and joined KES in Year 9. Here he continued to excel on the Sports Field playing school rugby, hockey and representing the country in the U19 Hampshire 2nd XI cricket side, later becoming Head of House. 

"At KES, it was the sports teachers, Mr Wood, Mr Gilbert and Mr Putt, who developed me further. Academic work didn't come naturally to me and at times I found learning hard. Without the support of Mr Winter, who really encouraged me in Maths, I feel sure I wouldn't have succeeded in gaining the grades required for university but KES pushed me academically and I would like to think this has given me a strong work ethic. My time at Stroud taught me the importance of manners, social skills and the confidence to adapt in different environments, skills which all helped form the man I am today". 

Upon the completion of his A levels, Graham took a GAP year and returned to Stroud to work as a sports coach and classroom assistant, before heading to Exeter University where he gained a degree in engineering. After a short period travelling, he then went straight to working on the family farm. Today he still works in agriculture on the family's local watercress farm which supplies the wholesale, catering and hospitality sectors across the South coast.

Graham's fond memories of his time at both Stroud and KES have meant that he has chosen Stroud for his own children.

"As parents, you want to provide opportunities for your children to achieve and aspire and, from experience, I knew the school could do the same for my sons. On visiting Stroud, ahead of our eldest son starting school, my wife and I both felt the strong sense of community and family at the heart of the School, which I also remember from all those years ago as a pupil".

We look forward to watching the next generation of the Noble family progress through our Schools and hope that they too will develop the same life-long love for Stroud and KES that Graham has.