At King Edward’s, Partnerships is part of our DNA.

“The Partnership Programme has extended my horizons; it gives me the opportunity to think about my community and all the many different ways I can be involved. Learning how to create enjoyable and stimulating projects for primary school students to enjoy has taught me many valuable skills such as time-management and creativity.” KES Pupil from the Arts Partnership

"I really enjoyed the different chemical reactions. The Fourth Years were extremely kind and helpful".Year 6 student from the Science Partnership

Here at King Edward’s, we greatly value our relationship with state schools in the wider, local community. Each year, we partner with numerous local schools. Activities range from regular workshops in areas as diverse as Mathematics, Computing, Art, Science, Music, Drama, Coding, Dance, and Sport. A significant number of KES students help to lead these activities, developing personal attributes and experiences as well as, at times, volunteering their time as part of completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. School students benefit from the facilities and equipment available at KES; the expertise of staff and students leading the groups; and the opportunity to try new activities.


Image: KES Create Festival, Summer 2022

What we offer and value at King Edward VI school is a Partnerships programme built upon a foundation of teamwork, talent and inclusivity. It is a programme that benefits and enriches all.

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School Partnerships Alliance Membership

SPA member 2023 - Partnerships

We are delighted to be a School Partnerships Alliance Member 2023; joining the School Partnerships Alliance community. The School Partnerships Alliance is a charity that supports and promotes schools of different types working together and learning from one another to improve outcomes for young people. You can find out more about the charity here.


How to get involved

Our Partnerships programme is collaborative, creative and inclusive; we are strongly committed to expanding our connections with local schools. To get involved, please contact our Partnerships Coordinator at

Partnerships Highlights 2021-22

Endeavour, a two-day project involving Year 10, was a huge success. Students planned and prepared resources for a day of workshops to be delivered to primary schools. Primary pupils had a superb day of sports activities at Wellington and others took part in a day of activities on the main school site including, for example, Drama, Science, Computing, Dance, and Art. As a Headteacher explained: “They came back so excited full of great stories of their adventures.”

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In 2022, we were also invited to the National Finals of the Goldsmiths’ Community Engagement Award at Goldsmiths’ Hall in London. This commended the widespread partnership and charity work conducted by King Edward’s. We are proud that this is part of our DNA as a School and we look forward to developing our Partnerships work this year.