Clubs & Societies

There is something to suit everyone in the clubs and societies offering at King Edward’s. Sixth Formers, particularly, take a leading role in running our engaging offering.

You can run clubs, choose guest speakers, give presentations, you name it!

The opportunities for leadership outside the classroom through clubs and societies are your chance to explore passions and talents whilst growing your skill set. If you want to try your hand at podcasting, now is your chance. Where a club does not yet exist, we will support you in setting one up.

Clubs & Societies Exclusive to Sixth Form at King Edward’s:

  • Biological and Anatomical Drawing Club
  • Book Club
  • Booker Prize Reading Challenge
  • Charities Commission
  • Chess Club
  • Coundley Historical Society
  • Cryptic Crossword Club
  • Dance Club
  • Economics Society
  • Electronics Club
  • Feminist Society
  • Football Club
  • French Debating
  • French Film Club
  • Geography Society
  • Life Drawing
  • Lunar Society
  • Neurodiversity Society
  • Problem Solving in Chemistry
  • Senior Debating Society
  • Spanish Film Club