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Clubs and Societies

Outside of the classroom, students are encouraged to get involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities, clubs and societies. Most of the opportunities are run by staff members, with a few organised and run by the students themselves.

Students generally have around 50 different clubs and societies to choose from, providing the perfect springboard from which to form new friendships, develop new interests and hone existing skills. If students would like to suggest or run their own club, this to can be arranged.

We recommend that students engage with three clubs or societies per term, allowing them to immerse themselves in the school community and compliment their academic work.

As students settle into the school, the range of opportunities increases as they move through the school.  By the end of Sixth Form, young people leave us for higher education full of confidence and experience, excited and prepared to make the most of life’s opportunities.

Below is an example of the sorts of clubs our students are able to join each term. 

Clubs and Societies

 Amnesty Group

Fitness Room

Music – Senior Choir

Architectural Society

Football – Sixth Form

Music – Sinfonia

Art Club

French Conversation Club

Music – Symphonic Wind Band

Art – Biological Illustration and Anatomy

Geography Society

Music – Symphony Orchestra

Art – Character Design Club

Geography  Club

Photography Club

Art Partnership

German Magazine Club


Astronomy Society

Greek Club

Psychology Society

Badminton Club

Green Club

Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

Basketball Club


Robotics Club


Highfield Philosophy Club

Running Club

Byron Society

Historical Society

Sailing Club

Cactus Club

History Club – Lower School

Sanskit Club

Charities Commission

Hockey – Indoor

Scamp Club

Chess Club


School Council

Christian Union

Japanese – Advanced

Science – Crest Award

Classical Society

Japanese – Beginners

Science – Exoplanet Club

Coding Club

Kayak and Canoe Club

Science – Junior Science Club

Computing Society

Lego Club

Scrabble Club

Cookery Club

Linguistics Olympiad

Sewing Club


Literacy Scheme

Spanish Magazine Club

Current Affairs

Lunar Society

Springhill Reading Scheme

Dance – Ballet

Lower School Mandarin

Springhill Science Club

Dance – Elevate Dance Company


Student Robotics

Dance – Street Dance


Table Tennis Club (Juniors)

Dance – Zumba


Table Tennis Coaching

Debating & Public Speaking Society

Music – Big Band

Technology Club

Digital Leaders

Music – Chamber Choir

Trampolining Club

Drama – Stage Club

Music – Chamber Orchestra

Ukulele Club

Drama – Junior Drama Club

Music – First Year Choir

Wordsworth Science Club

Drone Club

Music – Flute Choir

Wordsworth Reading Scheme

Economics Society

Music – Glee Club


English Society

Music – Grade V Theory

Young Enterprise

Fencing Club

Music – Guitar Ensemble


First Aid Club

Music – Rock Academy