Outstanding Results for GCSE Students!

25 August 2022

We are delighted to report that 76.8% of all exams taken were awarded a Grade 9 or 8 (A*/A) , with nearly 92% earning a Grade 6 (B) or above! See full comment from Mr Parker, Head, on this year’s results below.

“For GCSE students across the country, today is so important. After having suffered such an unsettling period of prolonged disruption to their education, today these young people receive their examination results. At King Edward’s we are enormously proud of the academic dedication and perseverance shown over the past years by our GCSE students. As a result of their hard work and determination, as well as the wonderful teaching they have received at the School, they have done exceptionally well. I am delighted that 76.8% of all GCSE exams taken at KES this year have been awarded a Grade 9 or 8 (A* or A), with nearly 92% earning a Grade 6 (B) or better. Well done to every single pupil at KES, your results are truly well deserved!”