KES ES Maz Evans 2022 11

Our Ethos and Values

We nurture and support our pupils, so that they flourish and exceed their expectations in their learning, interests, relationships and emotional development. Our goal is that they become intellectually curious, resilient, confident and ready for their next steps. 

We aim to fulfil our ethos and values through…

Flourishing in achievement
  1. Laying down a foundation of wellbeing, so that every pupil will exceed their own expectations both in and outside the classroom.
  2. Providing a varied, rigorous, balanced and exciting curricular and co-curricular programme to inspire learning and engagement for all.
  3. Offering lessons and learning experiences that challenge assumptions, foster creativity and promote independence.
  4. Encouraging all pupils and staff to seek to improve and grow in their learning constantly, in the knowledge that this attitude will see them flourish academically.
  5. Improving and developing resources and facilities to enable exceptional learning experiences.
  6. Excellence in public examinations leading to opportunities in higher education and life beyond school as a consequence of these attitudes and factors.

These outcomes can only be attained if we…

Flourish emotionally
  1. Recognise that all progress in education relies upon the good mental health of everyone within our community.
  2. Foster in every pupil a strong sense of self-worth, supported by an outstanding pastoral system.
  3. Nurture our pupils so that they engage positively with their emotions, developing emotional resilience.
  4. Help pupils to understand the spiritual dimensions of life, and to be able to make ethical and moral choices.
Flourish with engagement
  1. Encourage all pupils to explore their potential in everything they do.
  2. Offer opportunities to pupils of all ages to develop their teamwork and leadership skills.
  3. Recognise the importance of co-curricular activities as a means of promoting positive engagement.
  4. Encourage our pupils to relate to the world and their fellow human beings in a tolerant, compassionate and responsible manner.
Flourish in relationships
  1. Put kindness at the very centre of our community.
  2. Understand that healthy relationships with others is key to happiness.
  3. Teach our pupils to empathise with each other.
Flourish in meaning
  1. Encourage our pupils to look beyond material goals and strive to make a positive difference to the world.
  2. Develop in our pupils, and role-model as a whole school, an appreciation of our responsibilities to the school community and to society more widely.